BT Pack 4 - Blues

Blues and Minor Blues backing tracks in all keys .

12-bar Blues and 12-bar Minor Blues backing tracks in all 12 keys.
  • 24 high quality backing tracks in mp3 format (2 x 12 keys).
  • Each track is 10 minutes long, allowing for plenty of uninterrupted practice time.
  • Download, or stream these tracks for practice, or for free use in your own DAW projects.
  • Bulk download option: 280 Mb Total, split into 2 zip files.

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Prokopis Skordis
Prokopis Skordis

I am a music geek fascinated with learning new things, and improving my guitar skills. But I'm also very passionate about helping others do the same!

After studying in the Greek National Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music, I began performing and teaching privately in 2001.

Since then, I have been developing new methods for effective musical training. My mission with String Systems is to share them with the world :-)

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