SFS Fretboard Secrets

Learn to jump around the fretboard, and improvise creatively, without memorizing "box" scale shapes!

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If you are tired of trying to memorize box shapes, and want a smart shortcut to becoming a skilled and confident improviser, get lifetime download & streaming access to "SFS Fretboard Secrets":

  • Learn how to improvise using the Minor Blues Scale, Dorian Mode, and Harmonic Minor Scale.
  • Jump freely between all fingerings, everywhere on the fretboard.
  • Build any position, "on the fly", without memorizing box shapes.
  • Spice up your playing by learning how to combine different scales in your solo.

“The very visual approach of SFS has already unlocked my mind to the fretboard. Having bought many many books and videos etc, I can safely say this is the very best system for me.”

Darren Wormald

“Wow. I have been playing for many years, but never understood scales and modes until now. Thank you. SFS is the best! Can't wait to learn more.”

Robby Turner

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Prokopis Skordis
Prokopis Skordis

I am a music geek fascinated with learning new things, and improving my own guitar skills, but I'm also very passionate about helping others do the same! After studying in the Greek National Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music, I began performing and teaching privately in 2001. Since then, I have developed new methods for effective musical learning, and my mission with EMP is to share them with the world :-)


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