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Take your playing to the next level:

  • Discover effective ways to improvise jumping freely everywhere on the fretboard.
  • Build any scale position, "on the fly", without memorizing box shapes.
  • Learn Pentatonics, Blues Scales, Modes, Melodic & Harmonic Minor modes, and more, in record time, using the String Fragment System (SFS).
  • Spice up your playing by learning new creative improvisation ideas.
  • Learn how to navigate chord changes, or improvise over static harmonies.
  • Quick improvement methods for technique, speed, playing by ear, melodic phrasing, theory, harmony, ear training, and more.

💡 Included: 7 daily orientation videos to help you get started, and find your way through all the courses 🎸

"The String Partner Subscription is an incredible bargain! There is so much to learn. Since I've been subscribed to String Systems I've seen several other systems and none even comes close to yours. Really grateful I ran into you and your site!"

Ted Mardesich

"I'm making actual melodies over each chord change (I play country so that's pretty standard). I can't explain how amazing this is. If I stopped here it would be worth its weight in gold."

Robert Pavich, Truckstop Hooligans

What you get:
- Full Access to all String Premium Courses.
- Full Access to all String Backing Track Packs (downloadable).
- 7 daily "get started" orientation videos
- String Rewards points with every payment.
- Half Price Coupons for the Lifetime Access versions of all Premium Courses.
- Un-subscribe at any time with a couple of clicks.

String Partner Exclusive:
- Early bird access to new String courses in development.

Total price of courses (when purchased separately): $1154

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"SFS is an absolute dream. I have learned more from you in less than a year than I have in the last 20. And I’m learning more and more every day. I can’t get enough of your material."

Don Hier

Your Instructor

Prokopis Skordis
Prokopis Skordis

I am a music geek fascinated with learning new things, and improving my guitar skills. But I'm also very passionate about helping others do the same!

After studying in the Greek National Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music, I began performing and teaching privately in 2001.

Since then, I have been developing new methods for effective musical training. My mission with String Systems is to share them with the world :-)

“Wow. I have been playing for many years, but never understood scales and modes until now. Thank you. SFS is the best! Can't wait to learn more.”

Robby Turner

“…Thank you so much. I love your lessons, keep it up! You have a calling for this work.”

Eric Bang

"When I first tried out Prokopis' system, to my amazement I 'immediately' began to map out the scale sequences with SFS. Prokopis is certainly a talented musician and teacher.”

Karl Sartin

“…When I first watched a few of your videos, I instantly knew there was something different about this system. I cannot believe all guitar players are not taught this way. It’s so simple and it makes sense so quickly.”

Jimm Panik

“...I only wish the SFS method had been shown to me 50 years ago when I first tried to play a guitar…”

Michael Trueblood

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a commitment, or can I cancel at any time?
There is absolutely no commitment. You can cancel with just 3 clicks at any time!
On how many devices can I access these courses?
You have unlimited access to the subscription, and all included courses, across any and all devices you own.
Do I get a discount if I upgrade to Lifetime Access?
If you want the Lifetime Access version of any course, you can get it at half price, using the included discount links. Another option is to use the String Rewards that you accumulate with your payments, and use them to purchase Lifetime Access to any course, or the String Lifetime MegaPack.
How long do I have access to the courses?
After enrolling, you get unlimited access to all courses (including future updates) for as long as you are a subscriber. If you cancel your subscription, you maintain access until the end of the last billing period.
Do you charge VAT or other taxes?
Our pricing is tax-inclusive. This means that no tax will be added at checkout. Any tax obligations will be calculated by our accounting system and remitted by String Systems to your local tax authorities, at no extra cost for you.
I have another question...
Feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected]

Prefer purchases instead of subscriptions?

Buy Lifetime Access to ALL courses through the String MegaPack

“The very visual approach of SFS has already unlocked my mind to the fretboard. Having bought many many books and videos etc, I can safely say this is the very best system for me.”

Darren Wormald